Saturday, December 27, 2008

high school?

Last night I went out and got new snowboarding gear which you would think would be the highlight of my evening...until i got back to dover and i went to the one of three bars we have here and saw about half the people I went to high school with which i have not seen since high school. I'm not really sure why Ive been avoiding it, since it was bound to happen in dover anyways - it wasnt really all that painful, in fact it was really quite pleasant.
and for some reason these are the only high school pictures i can find on this computer....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have yourself a merry little christmas

Well. I have a new computer. I got a Sony something or other and I must say I have not been so impressed with it. it is already letting me down and thats depressing since I have had it for only about 24 hours now.

In other news..we had the shortest christmas eve service in history - under an hour! It just didnt feel right. But we did manage to come in late, take up the entire pew since we had 10 people with us and make enough noise to annoy all of the other 15 people at my dads church...awesome.

So for now i leave you with this little honor of Ron Jester, who unfortunately was not at my dads service this year or last..he is missed...but this is a pretty good representation of what we have to listen to every year.