Monday, July 5, 2010


I haven't written on this for a while...mostly because I have been busy graduating and getting a j-o-b.
But I was inspired by Haley's blog because it is just so beautiful. Full of life, pictures, and accounts of blessings in her life.  I realized that I need to count my blessings way more than  I do because I get caught up in the little things and sometimes it really weighs me down.  I forget how blessed I am and how much JOY I have and should be passing around!! I am so thankful for my amazing friends, who when they see the obvious look of distress or torment on my face, they ask me whats wrong. Not just an obligatory "whats wrong" but a compassionate "i care about you and your life and the things that twist your heart and make your stomach turn, its those things that I care about because they are you and I care about you". I have those kind of friends. I have that kind of community. i have the kind of community that says hey I want you to live better, not because i'm judging you or i want our community too look better and more inviting, but because they care about me and know i can live a life that doesn't cause myself so much pain and anguish tomorrow when I'm not thinking about my actions today.  I have that kind of community.
You may be jealous or covet my friends and my community, but don't be. Just come hang out with me and I promise you will leave feeling the same way. Showered with love and compassionate mercy and grace.

I re-read a prayer tonight by ted of the sections really pierced me...

"expose my shame where it shivers
crouched behind the curtains of propriety
until i can laugh at last
through my common frailties and failures
laugh my way toward becoming whole"

I'll type up the whole prayer eventually...its really beautiful. but for now sit on that. think about it and count your blessings.