Monday, March 29, 2010

music and lyrics

Lyrics make me emotional. Not always in a bad way but in a way I can't explain. Music and lyrics remind of certain times in my life, certain locations and people and it makes me really happy and sometimes really desperately sad.

I also think lyrics express things words simply cannot convey. Its beautiful. Music has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life.  I think people sing about things they can't talk about and I think in a small way, that's why if you ask just about anyone who cannot hold a tune, if there is one thing they want to change about themselves, it would be that they wish they could sing..This is why we like singers like David Bazan, because he sings about being confused. He sings about wanting answers, its like he is singing our hearts tune.

On another note, music makes us so happy. My roommate, Joanna, always talks about this Bruce Springstein song: Waiting on a sunny day. Every time it comes on she starts dancing, she always says "this song makes me SO happy" no matter what mood she may have been in before.  This is also true for the JACK ladies and the Party in the USA song as well as Tik Tok. Both dumb songs, but have the ability to make us forget everything else going on around us...

This weekend two of my friends, Sarah Thompson and Stephen Dahmer (aka Brown Bird, Blonde Bird),

sang a song by someone...I'm not sure who sings it for real. But listening to their voices and hearing the words pierced my heart so much that I cannot get the words out of my are the words

There's this part of me that could just walk away
and I'm not sure that I never will
Cuz' no man is an arrow
Straight and true to the mark
We've all got these wandering feet
and a darkness in our hearts

to echo this sentiment even more BB/BB sang another song by Pedro the Lion called The fleecing and the lyrics were:
But I can't say it like I sing it.
And I can't sing it like I think it.
And I can't think it like I feel it.
And I don't feel a thing.
Oh no - I don't feel a thing.

All of these thoughts were magnified by the fact that I saw David Bazan a week ago, ironically, he played in a church.  The words he sang are so honest. I think part of me can relate to him and to his struggle and doubt.  I think in some small way we all can. This is why I cannot stand cheesy worship music. It doesn't feel real. And my God could not feel anymore real to me. He is so close and so real, the silly cheesy worship music that is sometimes produced seems like an insult.

I just love music and everything it conveys.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

handsome man club

click watch and laugh. i love jimmy kimmel

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today I hate grad school. And I am aware of how much I complained about it...all day long. While it was 60 degrees and sunny out, I sat and wrote paper, worked on projects, and read a silly book. come on june 23....

(all following posts will probably read this way until June 23, if you do not want to continue to read how much I loathe grad school, please join me again on June 23 when I will no longer need to vent about it.)

Colorado this weekend. :)