Tuesday, April 29, 2008

think twice....


my life is now complete with this invention.

So I was looking for these particular shelves for my lovely Liz when i stumbled across what could quite possibly be my favorite invention of all time. Invisible shelves for TOWELS.

I want these in a serious way. I want some for every room, even rooms that don't require towels, like the living room and dining room.

In other news i get my vaccinations on Thursday and am still fundraising for India. Only a little but more! CRAzY.
And I am starting the official leave Colorado countdown on May 1. starting with T-30 days. Or something like that.

Later I will write a post on the top things I will miss about Colorado. Starting with DOLLAR tacos and half price margaritas at Lime on Tuesdays with Erin....an entire evening for $4. I was instantly in love.

Friday, April 11, 2008

it's like 10,000 spoons when all ya need is a knife

So I haven't been the best at updating this blog thing - mostly because I want it to be entertaining for those of you who read it. And i feel like I have had lots of changes in my life, yes, exciting blog worthy changes? no.
However..it recently came to my attention that I am leaving the country soon. Yes, you heard correctly. God is good and the money actually came in! I have raised $1970 so far and all I have left is the $500 for living expenses and a visa! HOLY mother of....I'm actually going to INDIA this summer. Can you believe it??
Please continue to pray for the rest of the money to arrive though. And that I haven't completely lost all my marbles. I have also been giving serious thought to staying in denver after the summer and deferring graduate school...hmmm wanna hear more? Give me a call sucka

Also....I spent all day at Vail today, my first day on REAL powder...like the kind you get stuck in and you re screwed and have to take off your board and walk....it sucked a lot at first, and it could quite possibly be the most frustrating task I have taken on in a while. But after some pointers from a few good friends and a few more runs, I actually got the hang of it! I wish I had pictures of the day, but Andy selfishly (unknowingly) kept (forgot) the camera in his backpack all day.
So just know that 7 of us went to Vail with 18 inches of fresh powder and ended the day at the Dillon DAM restaurant and it was glorious.