Monday, September 2, 2013


This morning while I was running swimming through the city, I saw a man sitting on a wall. I saw him about the time my salty sweat had just started to drip in to my eyes, burning with every blink. This is actually a blessing while I'm running because I'm not thinking about how much I want to die, instead I'm thinking, "Why aren't my eye brows working? I need to get a sweat band. How can I possibly make this look good?"

Anyway. I saw this guy. He was an older gentleman and had on a bright, highlighter bright, orange shirt. He was sitting on the wall outside of a big beautiful church and he smiled at me.

 I guess this is when I should mention when I run I do NOT smile, mostly I look super angry. I'm working on it.

But this time, I smiled back and then I looked at his shirt "Running sucks". HA I need that shirt.

Thank you sir, for making me feel not so alone on my run. Thank you for making me laugh. My morning motivation.

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